Perfect Songs Make Perfect Serves

The right music to set the mood

Get tips on music for your next cocktail party

When it comes to cocktails, there are numerous settings, moods, and occasions one can enjoy different songs and artists along with a perfect serve. Occasions and moods will obviously need a perfect serve, but can also become elevated by the perfect song or your favorite artist. Having the perfect drink in your hand can only be elevated by great friends, setting, and perhaps one of the most important elements of the night, music. If it´s loud and present or in the background as a backdrop, music can change the settings of any party or social gathering. Play it right, and you´ll make the party hit max in no time. There are different settings where some types of music work better than others. Obviously... One of the main challenges when hosting an event is finding the right music for the party. We've started working on some Spotify playlists that we would like to share based on what we have had the chance to test out in social settings. The hardest task is to get the music right when you want to set the mood without having the music too loud. But if someone wants to jack the volume up, the music needs to work as well. We've made our own Spotify list that we feel works great in those settings. We've called it “Chillin`& Griillin` because it just works throughout those topics. Turn the volume up and the music sets the mood. Keep it low, and you'll chill to great background tunes. Need to change the scene into a 70´s disco club, -here's this link. Need some fun funk to top off the evening? Here's a list we like. So get out your Q-Kit, log in to our recipe software and start one of our playlists created on Spotify. All you need is a bunch of friends, ice, Spotify, and Cocktail Club.