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Scotch Old Fashioned

Scotch Old Fashioned

3 mins / Easy
50mlScotch Whisky
5mlSugar syrup
2DashesAngostura Bitters
1Orange zest

The Scotch Old Fashioned Cocktail

Presenting the most iconic Scotch cocktail in history: The Old Fashioned.
Originally believed to have been created at the Pendennis Club in Louisville, the Old Fashioned cocktail has appeared in a long list of songs, movies, and books over the years due to its iconic status.

Despite what the name suggests, this cocktail is far from being an old-fashioned drink. Using only a few other cocktail ingredients heroes the whisky in this classic cocktail, meaning a top-quality blended Scotch whisky is essential.
It’s thought that the Old Fashioned cocktail was the first-ever whisky cocktail.

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