Cocktail Club

The Story of Cocktail Club

In 2017 we landed our mission: To build the best cocktail kit containing the best tool and recipe software ever made. Through our passion for good cocktails from professional bartenders, we were never truly satisfied with what we served and got served when in private social settings. We needed our own tools, our own cocktail kit. We found ourselves in unfamiliar territory when trying to make our own cocktails. The equipment we had was insufficient and the vast number of recipes online just made us frustrated when trying to follow. We decided to do something about this. From the beginning, we focused on the most important of all ingredients in good cocktails, -Ice. Ice should be cold and in abundance. Then we went on to look at the best quality tools and not cut any corners. We needed the best possible tools in order to satisfy not only professional bartenders but also ourselves. We founded the company Quenched in January of 2018 and have been working relentlessly to combine all the tools, ice container, and not least, the digital recipe platform to cater to everyone’s needs. The result is hopefully going to give numerous Cocktail Moments throughout the world. Basically, our goal is to make the best cocktail kit (the Q-Kit) possible, with a recipe platform that actually gives the user full control over every step of the process. As an example: If we were to create skis for novice skiers, we would create great skis, and deliver a ski instructor at the same time..;) (Being from Norway, we thought this might be a good comparison) The digital recipe platform included in your kit uses visual elements to explain every step in the recipe. All tools included in the cocktail kit (The Q-Kit) are used in the films and images in the software. This is in order for the user to easily understand and manage the recipes by themselves and become familiar with the tools quickly. We changed the name on the platform in January 2021 to Cocktail Club to be more accessible online and easier to remember. Here's the first film explaining the different steps in the software and the kit itself: