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Two Shores Espresso Martini

Two Shores Espresso Martini

2 mins / Easy
50mlTwo Shores Oloroso Cask
50mlEspresso Coffee
15mlOrgeat syrup
2dashAngostura Cocoa Bitter
3Almond Flakes

The Two Shores Espresso Martini Cocktail

We believe that almost every spirit can have an espresso martini version. This time Two Shores Oloroso Cask Finish has notes of honey, caramel, almond and cask. All of this sounds spectacular to combine with a double espresso plus orgreat syrup. A double espresso martini with a lot of personality

Bartender tip:

In this case to give it a bit of personality we remove the classic coffee liqueur in each espresso martini, you can still add the touch of coffee liqueur again, but we recommend that you try Irish Cream replacing the Espresso and perhaps adding an extra half portion to the mixture.

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