Moontserrat Abril

Painter, designer, craftswoman and builder

When we asked Montse as she is called about an interview, she was thrilled to receive us to her house in the beautiful countryside of Catalonia. The same house she and her husband has renovated this last year into a charming and beautiful home. We were surprised to learn that besides the full renovation of their house, she has also taken on different commissions for her painting, started a small business where she and her boyfriend design and produce small stuffed animal figures for sail through a website they have launched. (

We spent a day with Montse and got to know about her values and work. We love meeting people who can show us that there are other ways to earn a living, following their heart and passion. Heres your chance to meet her as well:

Question: Who is Moontserrat Abril? Describe yourself in few words.

Answer: I'm Montse who is currently dedicated to painting, but also interested in other creative trades. I produce paintings, murals, commissioned portraits, but also the stuffed animal figures, i renovate and do some interior designs for clients as well. Along with refurbishing our house of course.

Q: Tell us about your town/area and what is good about it?

A: I live in Ermedàs surrounded by nature. I have found that living here after ten years in Barcelona brings out the best of my creative side.

Q: What is the first thing you think of in the morning.

Waking up in this time of my life now, I never actually have a single thought. This because my life brings numerous tasks every day. From teaching kids about art and paintings, to planning the decorations of a restaurant.

Q: Tell me your favorite place in the world?

A: Undoubtably Cadaqués up until now... But ask me today, and it would be our house here with the animals, nature and harmony that surrounds it. Its just so simple and real.

Q: Give me a name of one of the people that you look up to in this world, your inspiration?

A: My inspiration comes from the harmony within myself. But in order to achieve harmony, I find this in my surroundings, in people who follow their own beliefs and inspiration. Through nature and different places.

Q: What can you not live without? Do you have a list of things that you cannot live without?

A: Right now, the simple answer to this is my horse April. One reason for me to stay here in the first place. I got her as a gift and it just made me realize that this was the place to live and be.

Q: What is your goal in life?

A: First of all, I don't aspire to obtain things and wealth. I like my life being simple and uncomplicated. I think life should be lived and enjoyed as much as possible through the coherence of what I am and what I do.

Q: Do you have a favorite cocktail?

A: I dont have a preferanse when it comes to cocktails. I like soft and dry cocktails without them being too strong or too sweet.

Q: If you could pass on some of your knowledge to the generations coming, what would that be?

A: Dont overestimate your problems. It just isn't worth worrying about the obstacles we meet in life. They seem to resolve themselves in one way or the other.

Quenched: Thanks to Montse, here's the film we made from our day together with further comments from her interview.