Something for the weekend? Meet Hugo...

If you haven't already had the pleasure, let us introduce you to Hugo - a trendy Italian with style for days...

The Autumn nights might be drawing in, but frankly who cares when you've got Hugo by your side?

This breezy sparkling elderflower charmer will transport you straight to Italy in the summertime. 

Originating from the alpine Italian Tyrol, the Hugo was created in the early 2000s by cocktail wizard Roland Gruber.

These days, it's finally getting the recognition it deserves, as a fashionable, refreshing alternative to the classic Aperol spritz.

And rightly so. What sets this wonderful aperitif apart from its more famous cousin is its subtler, more floral flavor profile.

It combines elderflower liqueur, prosecco and soda water to create a light and aromatic serve.

The elderflower brings a sweetly fragrant floral note, making it a go-to serve for those who prefer a less bitter and citrusy taste.

If you favor an additional gentle herbal quality, smash up and throw in some fresh mint leaves.

Even better – this charming fellow couldn’t be easier to make at home, so you can wow your friends with something new this weekend.

Yodel-ay-ee-ooo to that!

Discover your recipe for success below. Saluti!