Fabinho, Ambassadors

Fabinho chills on the beach

Making Mango Colada with fruity twist

Fabinho our trusted Italian, Argentinian, Spanish -conceptual bartender, barista, skater, cyclist, artist and DJ, has taken time off from all his activities to help us find different recipes and blends.

Today he skates down to the beach to make a delicious Mango Colada with his own twist, check it out.

Fabinho is daily to be found in Barcelona where he can be seen with the Q-Kit under his arm on his way to a location to film a recipe or a party where he serves fresh drinks with the help of the Quenched tools.

Being a barista, Fabinho is introducing coffee as a base in different drinks. As an artist, he brings creativity and as a DJ, a symphony of taste that work great together. We at Quenched are more than happy to have him on board as our guerilla bartender coming up with great locations and recipes for our Quenched cocktail recipes.