Getting started

How to make Coffee Mixtures

Coffee mixtures is easy to make and a must if you want to include coffee in your bartending.

Coffee Maceration / Cynar Coffee

If you want to add a coffee flavor to your favorite classic cocktail recipes, you can make a Coffee Maceration using your spirit of choice. Here we have made it with Cynar (artichoke bitter). Make sure your coffee is a balanced coffee so it doesn't remove any of the spirit base flavors.  

Coffee Maceration Rum

This maceration is easy to strain, has no bits inside and the finish will be a clear liquid. This way of making a maceration is better for keeping the finest flavors in the spirit. You may have to make this a few times until you find your preferred taste and balance.

Cold Brew Coffee 1:5

Cold brew is the finest way to brew coffee in a cold brew, with more caffeine, acidity, and less bitterness than the hot ways.  this concentrated cold brew helps you to use fewer liquids inside the cocktail