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How to make Sugar Syrup

Sugar syrup is easy to make and a must for home bartending

Sugar Syrup

Simple sugar syrup, or just syrup, is used in cocktails to make them balanced and of course sweeter. It is a must to have in your fridge. Make some syrup by adding 1 part sugar and 1 equal part water and heat until transparent. (100ml of each should be enough for several cocktails). This mixture doesn't need to boil. Fill up a squeeze bottle or a small glass bottle with a cork in it and you are good to go. Keep it in the fridge for weeks. If a party is being planned, so should a larger amount of syrup be made.


Ginger Syrup

Ginger syrup is just sugar syrup made with ginger, infused, or blended. It is used in some cocktails to add the ginger flavor in an easy way. Here is how to make ginger syrup. 

Coffee Syrup

Coffee Syrup is one of the easiest ways to include this amazing ingredient in your cocktail making. The best is to use coarse ground coffee to make the fine strain easy.