3 Vodka cocktails you'll want to make again and again

Vodka drinks for any occasion

Vodka is perfect for cocktails

There are of course different flavors and qualities in different vodka brands. But for these 3 fantastic cocktails, you'll get a great result and make your friends impressed every time, using any of the well-known brands. Bring your ingredients, ice, and your tools and start serving your guests 3 of the worlds most popular cocktails. Enjoy a great summer with Quenched.


The crisp vodka creates a smooth balanced mix with the citric lime and sweet sugar. Simple, short, and sharp!

There is a distinct difference in flavor and texture depending on whether you use White or Brown sugar in the Caipiroska. Try both and see which you prefer. How to make a Caipiroska, click here.

Espresso Martini

This bittersweet cocktail has become a favorite by coffee lovers and it suits any occasion.

Originally made by Dick Bradsell in London, 1983 for a customer who wanted a drink to "wake her up and f**k her up" !! This mix of vodka and coffee certainly can hit the spot. How to make an Espresso Martini, click here.

Moscow Mule

It's tasty and summer fresh with a near-perfect balance between bitter, sweet, and sour. Originally served in a copper mug with a kicking mule imprinted on it, perfectly illustrating the fieriness of this vodka and ginger beer mix. How to make a Moscow Mule, click here.