5 Easy Summer Cocktail Recipes

Great moments with friends - sipping a tasty fresh cocktail in the evening summer breeze.


We are all looking forward to the summertime. Time with close friends, relaxin, and of course, time to mix some great tasting cocktails. Want to mix a cocktail in no time? Here are some tasty summer drinks that can be made in a minute. Bring your ingredients, ice, and your tools and impress your guests with great tasting cocktails. Enjoy a great summer day with Quenched. 

Moscow Mule

It's tasty and summer fresh with a near-perfect balance between bitter, sweet, and sour. Originally served in a copper mug with a kicking mule imprinted on it, perfectly illustrating the fieriness of this vodka and ginger beer mix. How to make a Moscow Mule, click here. 

Cuba Libre

It doesn't get much simpler (and refreshingly tasty) than the classic Cuba Libre, which was popularised in Havana in 1900! Cuban rum mixed with Coca-Cola and fresh lime, simples. How to make a Cuba Libre, click here. 


An absolute classic, stemming from the small mining town of Daiquiri in Cuba. The simple mix of the Rum, lime, and sugar has sublime balance, hence its popularity Worldwide. How to make a Daiquiri, click here. 

Aperol Spritz

A modern classic that has taken the world by storm in the last few years! A refreshing long drink, perfect for warmer months, and enjoyed best with friends. How to make an Aperol Spritz, click here. 

Gin Tonic

Arguably the most popular cocktail WorldWide! So simple, yet so refreshingly tasty. Ensure lots of ice and fresh fruit to compliment your gin your choice for a winning combination. How to make a Gin Tonic, click here.