Afterski – Picking up some cocktail tips

Nothing beats a cocktail that fits straight into an occasion.


Since we are a Norwegian company, and of course have a Norwegian designed Q-Kit, we would like to recommend the best cocktails for the snow thirsty drinker.

So when your body has the need for winding down after a day out in the slopes or in need for a “pick me up” for the afternoon party you are heading out for, we have some options for you.

Unpack your Q-Kit, fire up the software and click on the links below. Your palate is about to venture into pleasure land…

Rusty Nail

Heralding back to the mid 1900’s, this simple mix of 2 ingredients is a work of genius. The heavier Scotch is lifted by the herbal heathery flavours of the Drambuie.


There are no complications with a Negroni…just 3 equal measures, stirred in your glass! Strong, bitter and punchy. No wonder its often called the bartenders cocktail.

Hot Toddy

One of the most popular warming cocktails Globally! Whether its snowing or gathering around a fire or warding off a cold, the Hot Toddy’s simple uplifting flavours of honey, lemon and clove really hit the spot.

Irish Coffee

Creamy coffee with a shot of Irish Whisky. Simple yet a decadent mix of the two!