Poolside Cocktails

That feeling of drinking a great cocktail after a dip in the pool or a day at the beach.

There´s something about drinking a refreshing cocktail after a swim or sitting next to a body of water watching a sunset or just dipping your feet wet.

Let us help you out with your choices! Roll out your Q-Kit and fill it with ice. Here are some fine cocktails that will make your palate enjoy itself after a swim.

Piná Colada

What could be more tropical than the exotic mix of Rum, pineapple and coconut?? Created in the middle of the 20th Century, it has been enjoyed on holidays and pool sides ever since.


The Mojito epitomises the long refreshing cocktail category, with its fresh minty flavours, Cuban roots and balanced flavours you can see why its popular from Havana to Tokyo.

Cuba Libre

It doesn't get much simpler (and refreshingly tasty) than the classic Cuba Libre, which was popularised in Havana in 1900! Cuban rum mixed with Coca-Cola and fresh lime, simples.


An absolute classic, stemming from the small mining town of Daiquiri in Cuba. The simple mix of the Rum, lime and sugar has sublime balance, hence its popularity Worldwide.