Felice Capasso

A young man with all the great attributes of a Southern Italian young man should have.

Getting Felice in front of the camera made our day great. His energy and devotion to his trade come through when we start talking. He is a young man with all the great attributes of a Southern Italian young man should have. Friendly, outcoming, and interested. No wonder he has been selected for the job as bar manager at The Thief in Oslo, Norway. He made us a variation of a Gin Fizz that he has elevated to an even fresher version of the old classic.

Question: Who are you and what is your background

Answer: My Name is Felice and I'm from Naples south in Italy. I'm a young bartender and have been bartending for about 7 - 8 years.

Q: Describe your bar for someone that has never been there before

A: The Thief Bar here in Oslo is a cocktail bar that aims to give our guests a different experience when enjoying our cocktails. Our aim is to steal our guests from their everyday life and give them an experience that they will remember.

Q: How have you witnessed the cocktail scene in Oslo change the last few years

A: The cocktail trend these last few years in Oslo has mainly been looking at the Sustainability issue regarding this world we live in. This from a professional side. I have seen an increase in interest from our guests and the general public.

Q: Have you seen consumers becoming more interested in recreating cocktails themselves?

A: People here in Oslo are becoming more interested mainly in classic cocktails, but are also interested in trying out our creations here at the bar.

Q: What is your favorite bar tool and why?

A: Well, my favorite bar tool is a jigger and especially the Mr. Slim Jigger. I like it because I enjoy perfection and this one is for me a tool to make perfect cocktails.

Q: How important is it to have quality bartending tools?

A: Well if you want to make good quality drinks, you need good quality tools. As simple as that.

Q: What cocktail would you recommend people to make at home?

A: The drink I would highly recommend making at home, would be the gin fizz with a little twist. I would add a little green tea to add the drink to some herbal and fresh flavors.

Q: Do you have any tips or twists for people making drinks at home?

A: Simple and important answer, make sure you have enough ice. Get control of your dilution in your drinks.

Q: What do you think about the Q-Kit concept?

A: The Q-Kit is so amazing. I love the tool because it allows people to make good quality cocktails at home and I think the whole concept is a fantastic idea!

Q: Which is more important, the tools (the hardware) or the knowledge (the software)?

A: In my personal point of view, I think you need 50/50 of tools and knowledge. Good tools are essential, but without the knowledge, you won't know how to use them.

Story by Kai Myhre, Photo; Dag Dalvang and Kai Myhre