Shannon Mustipher

Artist, Writer and Bartender

Shannon Mustipher

is the author of the best-selling book “TIKI: Modern Tropical Cocktails”.

We met with Shannon in the Brooklyn Bar Glady's Caribbean and had a talk about her life as an author, her favorite cocktails and finally as a tester of the Q-Kit.

Glady's Caribbean Bar is a great backdrop for a chat with Shannon. The Tiki theme is related to the tropical-themed Rum cocktails. Glady's is no exception from that and offers a large variety of Rums for sale and for mixing cocktails.

Shannon, who started studying art, has moved on and given her creative touch to the world of Tiki cocktails. And speaking of Tikis, she´s become quite an expert in Rums, especially Caribbean Rums. When it comes to Shannon's favorite cocktail, she chose to make a simple but fresh Daiquiri for us. You can watch the video underneath to learn why. Also, take time to listen to what she likes about our Q-Kit. Worth remembering.