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two shores Summer Old Fashioned

two shores Summer Old Fashioned

3 mins / Intermediate
50mlTwo Shores Amarone Cask
15mlMonin Apricot Brandy
1Bar spoonsHoney
1dashBitter Truth Peach Bitters
1dashAngostura Bitters
1Orange zest

The two shores Summer Old Fashioned Cocktail

The spice of the Rum meets the barrel of the Irish whiskey, along with the honey and the apricot, the sweet spot will not be missing. To find the perfect balance of a Fashioned Rum with notes of chocolate and a hint of citrus from the Orange oils.

Bartender tip:

It is crucial that you dissolve the honey without ice in the mixing glass, since if you add it in a cold environment it will be very difficult to dissolve and you will not achieve the sweet point of your cocktail. You can also try dissolving the honey in hot water 50-50

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