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White Rabbit’s Breakfast

White Rabbit’s Breakfast

4 mins / Intermediate
100mlCarrot Juice
20mlOrange juice
10mlLemon juice
10mlSugar syrup
3DashesWorcestershire sauce
1DashesWhite balsamic vinegar
3DashesTabasco sauce
1pinch ofSalt
1pinch ofBlack pepper

The White Rabbit’s Breakfast Cocktail

A carrot and vodka cocktail with hints of orange and lemon. White Rabbit’s Breakfast is a completely new take on a Bloody Mary. Instead of tomato juice, which is a very controversial taste, this cocktail opts on carrot juice which has a super interesting and complex flavor that is both fruity and vegetal. The fruitiness is enhanced by pressed orange juice and the traditional spices are great at bringing a very clear and clean spiciness to the cocktail. The full-bodied and smooth taste of Koskenkorva Vodka provides a perfect backbone to the combination and phenomenally highlights the clear character of the whole drink.


Bartender Tip:

A fantastic cocktail to personalize. Find your own twist or spice for that unique serve. Perhaps try a splash of port/sherry/red wine into the mix for a bit of depth.

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